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what do you want?

what do you want most in your life? is it love, happiness, peace.

some would say they want money, fame, power, but why do we need these things, aren’t they just a means to beget happiness, surely no one wants to lead a miserable rich life, or an unhealthy sick body which is famous. What we are seeking for- does it come from these material things, is happiness an after effect of an accomplishment, is peace only to be gotten when the whole world is free of war and hatred. Is such a thing even possible. Has there been a single day when in the world no one died or suffered. What we are fighting for is utopia on the societal level. It is no doubt an ernest intention but a misguided one, because the change does not begin with the society but with the individual. A better more responsible happy citizen is but a unit in this world. A collective of these become the society, our country and make up the world. So scream not from roof tops to topple demonic agendas. But begin the work within yourselves first to make your self free from all movement towards destruction and division.

If it is peace and joy that you seek, then prioritise your energies, hating the ones who spread hatred is fuelling the fire to burn our own houses down. Joy is a choice we make, it is not dependent on things we own and success we enjoy, it is not a product of materialism but a gift of the spirit. Joy is the true nature of spirit & spirit we are. Our true nature is joy, happiness and peace. but we imagine ourselves to be individuals struggling to make meaning out of this existence. trying to find our place in this world. we imagine ourselves to be something limited and bound ourselves with ideas about our personality and strengthen the fetters and cry for freedom. Freedom is ours for the taking for we are not bound, we are only what we think we are, and we are free to choose how we want to think. We can either count our blessings and live with gratitude and be open to the gifts of this world or suffer looking at others’ and wanting to lead someone else’s life.

you are unique, in the entire universe there is none such as you. why do you want to be someone else, something else and drown in borrowed sadness. Be happy, now and let things be, providence is intelligence, its bought you thus far, there is nothing you can do to change yourself or the universe. knowing this be silent. the universe can take care of itself and you. surrender to this providence and be as you are. In this everything that needs to be done is done. everything that needs to be accomplished is accomplished.


I am not a Hindu & here’s why!

What is ‘hindu’? The one who speaks Hindi or one who lives in Hindustan. When did this word Hindu come about? what in the world does it mean? Here we go! Hindu was a term coined by the british to refer to the people who lived by the river Sindhu. So the Sidhus became Hindus. Our ‘religion’ or faith so to say stems from the vedas. Yet there is no mention of the word ‘Hindu’ in the entire vedas or Puranas. we are never referred to as the Hindus, followers of hinduism or propagators of Hindutva. Hell! we don’t follow any religion, we are meant to follow the dharma- according to the dictionary- Dharma is essential quality or character, of the cosmos or one’s own nature. Simply put any path that leads one to God or his own self abidance is Dharma. In the ancient scriptures it is called Sanatana Dharma- sanatan being eternal. Why? because the quest for God/Happiness/peace/self is eternal.

So there is absolutely no question of following a religion called Hinduism. Sanatan Dharma is sort of a umbrella under which people who follow any path can find his space. You might follow Jesus Christ or prophet mohammed or Kabir Das or Ramanujacharya or you might choose to create your own path- yet there is space for you too. You are not against sanatana Dharma neither can you be converted or coerced into following this Dharma. The disciples of Buddha followed his teachings, but are they in any way against the dharma-not at all. Every being who has found the truth within himself is free to teach and every seeker of truth is free to learn from anyone he admires or likes. So essentially followers of buddha are on the path of dharma, so are muslims, christians, jains, jews, sikhs and everyone else in search for their GOD!

So needless to say we already know what is against Dharma- Hatred and bigotry, anger, envy and greed. Dharma is meant to unite not divide, it is meant to inspire love and kindness, compassion for all beings, and definitely does not include plans for world domination. In every age there comes a master who has seen truth in his own unique way, he inspires the millennia to find a way, his method is unique, his teachings seem contradictory to earlier masters or the ones who are yet to come. But if through his teachings you can find a way back home then move in that direction. What are we accomplishing by focussing on pitfalls of others’ religions and faith. Find your own. You clear your vision first. Succeed in your journey. Find that truth within yourself and then let’s come back and see the world with fresh vision. A vision of equanimity and love. till then hold your peace and mind your business, and stop calling yourself a hindu. You are not one. ask yourself this- Do I follow Dharma? Have you found that peace within yourself, do you lead your life without an ounce of imperfection of spirit.

A wise man was once asked about the pilgrimages he had made, the saints he had met, the holy rituals he had completed and the holy books he had read. He laughed and then he wept, he screamed and then leapt up in joy and then fell silent. In that silence all the questions were answered. For what use is the words of man when God has found a way into the heart and awakened the ignorant to his true nature.

Enlightenment? -Excerpts from an upcoming book by kanchi

That is precisely the point, nothing more is needed, what we have is more than enough.the real trick is to not worry about the future or wander into the past, but stay right here, in the now and just know this moment clearly, not intellectual knowing, but knowing through living, living fully without the intervention of thoughts. no need for any mind of any sorts, just being like a child, full of nothing, empty in our expectations and full in our immediate experience.enlightenment

a Question

Q: What are the aids to self realisation?

Ans: We need a method, a technique or the support of another to acquire something new. To attain, to accomplish something we do not already have. But what aid is need to be what we already are. ‘I am that I am’. Pure being, I don’t need to get rid of anything, or achieve anything. Some say we need to subdue the ego or silence the mind. No doubt. But ego, Mind are all concepts that are not real. They have no real existence, so how to silence something which is not real, how to subdue that does not exist in the first place.

So the best thing to do, is forget about all these ideas and just be as you are. Don’t pretend to be, just be. Pure beingness. This is all.

Sri Ramana Maharshi Quote

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi was one of the most revered 19th century Realised Master from South India, he lived in the small town of Tiruvannamalai on the hill slopes of the sacred hill Arunachala for over many decades.

Through the method of Atma Vichara or self enquiry he guided thousands of followers to find peace within themselves. He continues to guide millions of spiritual seekers through his words and the efficacy of his method for self realisation.

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