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Never was there the tree

and the forest that carried it’s fruits.

Never was there misery

for all those lies were untold.

who then ate the forbidden apple

just fables like the horns of the rabbit.

be at peace.





Tapas Films

Tapas Films is a film Production & distribution house founded by Swaroop Kanchi. We mainly deal with Indian & International Productions usually but not always directed by Swaroop Kanchi.

Our past Projects include:

Hong Kong Dreaming (Indo-HK International Feature Film)

Supraman & the School of Necessity (British Short)

Bollywood Calling (Hollywood Documentary)

Ardha Kumbha Mela (Feature Documentary)

Bengaloored (Indian Feature)

Yeh Dil Ramta Jogi (Indian Hindi Feature)


We are also currently distributing many Indian & Foreign Indie Films in India & Internationally, if you have a film that you are looking to distribute contact us : Tapasfilms(at)

I am not a Hindu & here’s why!

What is ‘hindu’? The one who speaks Hindi or one who lives in Hindustan. When did this word Hindu come about? what in the world does it mean? Here we go! Hindu was a term coined by the british to refer to the people who lived by the river Sindhu. So the Sidhus became Hindus. Our ‘religion’ or faith so to say stems from the vedas. Yet there is no mention of the word ‘Hindu’ in the entire vedas or Puranas. we are never referred to as the Hindus, followers of hinduism or propagators of Hindutva. Hell! we don’t follow any religion, we are meant to follow the dharma- according to the dictionary- Dharma is essential quality or character, of the cosmos or one’s own nature. Simply put any path that leads one to God or his own self abidance is Dharma. In the ancient scriptures it is called Sanatana Dharma- sanatan being eternal. Why? because the quest for God/Happiness/peace/self is eternal.

So there is absolutely no question of following a religion called Hinduism. Sanatan Dharma is sort of a umbrella under which people who follow any path can find his space. You might follow Jesus Christ or prophet mohammed or Kabir Das or Ramanujacharya or you might choose to create your own path- yet there is space for you too. You are not against sanatana Dharma neither can you be converted or coerced into following this Dharma. The disciples of Buddha followed his teachings, but are they in any way against the dharma-not at all. Every being who has found the truth within himself is free to teach and every seeker of truth is free to learn from anyone he admires or likes. So essentially followers of buddha are on the path of dharma, so are muslims, christians, jains, jews, sikhs and everyone else in search for their GOD!

So needless to say we already know what is against Dharma- Hatred and bigotry, anger, envy and greed. Dharma is meant to unite not divide, it is meant to inspire love and kindness, compassion for all beings, and definitely does not include plans for world domination. In every age there comes a master who has seen truth in his own unique way, he inspires the millennia to find a way, his method is unique, his teachings seem contradictory to earlier masters or the ones who are yet to come. But if through his teachings you can find a way back home then move in that direction. What are we accomplishing by focussing on pitfalls of others’ religions and faith. Find your own. You clear your vision first. Succeed in your journey. Find that truth within yourself and then let’s come back and see the world with fresh vision. A vision of equanimity and love. till then hold your peace and mind your business, and stop calling yourself a hindu. You are not one. ask yourself this- Do I follow Dharma? Have you found that peace within yourself, do you lead your life without an ounce of imperfection of spirit.

A wise man was once asked about the pilgrimages he had made, the saints he had met, the holy rituals he had completed and the holy books he had read. He laughed and then he wept, he screamed and then leapt up in joy and then fell silent. In that silence all the questions were answered. For what use is the words of man when God has found a way into the heart and awakened the ignorant to his true nature.