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what do you want?

what do you want most in your life? is it love, happiness, peace.

some would say they want money, fame, power, but why do we need these things, aren’t they just a means to beget happiness, surely no one wants to lead a miserable rich life, or an unhealthy sick body which is famous. What we are seeking for- does it come from these material things, is happiness an after effect of an accomplishment, is peace only to be gotten when the whole world is free of war and hatred. Is such a thing even possible. Has there been a single day when in the world no one died or suffered. What we are fighting for is utopia on the societal level. It is no doubt an ernest intention but a misguided one, because the change does not begin with the society but with the individual. A better more responsible happy citizen is but a unit in this world. A collective of these become the society, our country and make up the world. So scream not from roof tops to topple demonic agendas. But begin the work within yourselves first to make your self free from all movement towards destruction and division.

If it is peace and joy that you seek, then prioritise your energies, hating the ones who spread hatred is fuelling the fire to burn our own houses down. Joy is a choice we make, it is not dependent on things we own and success we enjoy, it is not a product of materialism but a gift of the spirit. Joy is the true nature of spirit & spirit we are. Our true nature is joy, happiness and peace. but we imagine ourselves to be individuals struggling to make meaning out of this existence. trying to find our place in this world. we imagine ourselves to be something limited and bound ourselves with ideas about our personality and strengthen the fetters and cry for freedom. Freedom is ours for the taking for we are not bound, we are only what we think we are, and we are free to choose how we want to think. We can either count our blessings and live with gratitude and be open to the gifts of this world or suffer looking at others’ and wanting to lead someone else’s life.

you are unique, in the entire universe there is none such as you. why do you want to be someone else, something else and drown in borrowed sadness. Be happy, now and let things be, providence is intelligence, its bought you thus far, there is nothing you can do to change yourself or the universe. knowing this be silent. the universe can take care of itself and you. surrender to this providence and be as you are. In this everything that needs to be done is done. everything that needs to be accomplished is accomplished.



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Poster of Yeh Dil Ramta Jogi

One of the few Hindi Films to come out of Bangalore. It’s produced by Tapas Films & directed by Acclaimed film maker Swaroop kanchi, who’s earlier film was Indie English film Bengaloored, which was well received internationally.


When you step into the world of Kaalidas, you enter the life of a dreamer. He is a taxi driver, and like the many drivers in the city who cruise the streets ferrying passengers to and fro, Kaalidas lives his mundane life by enjoying the air of an alternate universe of his dreams, where love, wealth and acceptance are within reach, and joy is just around the corner. But what will he do when reality grows more grim and new problems that will rock his world strike?

Yeh Dil Ramta Jogi is primarily a story of a lonesome Taxi Driver looking for Love. He dreams of success, fame & money and above all a purpose to live.


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Yeh Dil Ramta Jogi 

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Swaroop Kanchi is a Bangalore based International Independent Film Maker who makes films for a world market.

A student of Design and advertising, he taught himself to make films, starting at the age of 16, with a few small low budget films called “The end” and “Deja vu”, which were highly appreciated and got him instant recognition for his creativity and his different approach towards making Film, soon after he made a film to garner AIDS awareness for peacechild International, the film “Something Taboo” dealt with misconceptions about sexually transmitted diseases and myths about HIV. It was Kanchi’s first attempt at socially relevant and Issue based films.

Still hungry and wanting to make bigger features, he attempted to make “Black Sugar”, an English film set in Bangalore, what set out as his first feature film quickly turned his life upside down taking over 2 years to make and was a catastrophic adventure in itself but not in vain as the film Premiered at the New York Film Festival. Kanchi then moved to Los Angeles & went on to working on more films, he worked with talent from the Hollywood industry on films like “Sleeping with the enemy’s son”& followed it with “Acid” and then “Taxiwallah”, both independent films made in LA.

Having worked in Hollywood wanting to work on Indian stories with Indian Actors he came back to India working from Mumbai, he worked on films promoting healthcare, Aids awareness and education for street children with a film for Akanksha and also collaborated on a film with America based Dreamworks executive to make a film on the similarities and difference with Bollywood & Hollywood before setting to make a Documentary on Kumbha Mela, the biggest spiritual congregation in the world, the film was a huge success both personally and as a film maker.

In 2007 “Hong Kong Dreaming” happened. An English feature film shot in Hong Kong & made with Hong Kong based actors of different nationalities. His biggest film so far the film was a great success premiering at the UK international Film Festival and is set for an International release, it was also a great experiment working with Indian & Chinese talent, with a multi- cultural cast & crew.

In 2008 he Collaborated on “Supraman & the school of Necessity” with UK based film makers, the film’s cast picked up from real slums in Bangalore and starring a young talented child from an orphanage, the film went on to win international acclaim and was applauded by many helping bring awareness to the cause of every child’s right to education.

In 2010 Kanchi had his first big theatrical release across India with the critically acclaimed “Bengaloored”. The story of a writer who returns to India to find solace but finds chaos on his home front. The film went onto being a sleeper hit and did really well on the home video market & was voted as the 2nd best Indian Indie film on Indie Riegn.

2014″yeh Dil Ramta Jogi” Kanchi’s first Bollywood Indie Film in which he stars as Kaalidas, a lonesome taxi driver looking for love and dreams of success, riches and respect. The film released Across India on March 14th and can be considered his first semi mainstream success.

Kanchi is now developing many projects , mainly a film on The Buddha, set to be a big budget film to be shot mostly in India & south East Asia.